Love is the Ultimate Delete Button

It happens to all of us.

We meet someone, hear something, go somewhere, buy
something, use something, find something or join something, and after a short while,
after falling madly in love with this new thing or person or place, that we
can’t imagine living without, we start to forget what life was like before.

Love affects the head, not just the heart.

It’s the ultimate delete button.

Because it is the response
to what represents our highest values, and because
it is the song that reminds us what we most cherish in life, when it hits us, when
love casts its magic spell, it does this spooky thing where it erases the
memory of the past.

What did I do
before I had ________?

And so the goal, either organizationally or personally,
either digitally or physically, is to fill in that blank. To deliver so much
value through our work that, once people have been bitten by our bug, once the
venom of our value starts coursing through their veins, there’s no turning

Even if they did turn back, they wouldn’t remember the past


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