Pressing The Refresh Button On Our Beliefs

We press the refresh button dozens of times a day.

From smartphones to tablets to laptops to personal
computers, the purpose of the refresh button is to dump the old page, clean out
junk files, trigger a metadata update and access the most current information,
reflecting any recent changes.

It’s how we stay up to date with the digital world.

And yet, when it comes to our beliefs, we fiercely refuse to press the

Even when we place our faith in something that fails us,
even when we outgrow some of our beliefs, even when we discover overwhelming evidence to the contrary,
we still choose not to rebuild our understanding.

Because that would mean changing, and changing means
admitting we were wrong.

As I get older, I seem to be pressing the mental refresh
button more and more. What once felt like a necessity has become a nicety. What
once defined me has started to derail me. And what once got me high now gets me

But despite my internal kicking and screaming, every time I
refresh, it provides vigor and energy. It breathes new life into my world. And
it opens doors I didn’t even know there were keys for.

I am
one constant rebeginning.


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