Creativity Is On Its Way Back

“It will be nice to not have to decide between food and
 Stumbled across this interview with the founder of Stand Offer, a very cool crowd funding search engine. Paints an accurate picture of the sacrifices we make when we follow our own path.

“Creativity is on its way back.” Clive Davis gives us hope that imagination, humanity’s greatest endowment, is not dead. Every morning when I discover new albums to listen to, I am reminded of this very fact. Thank god for good music.

“Please give me a chance to rewrite my story.” Although I don’t care about sports, I love this article about Josh Jarboe. Just a guy trying to close the gap between his on-field performance and on-campus reality. I’m rooting for him.

“Repeating history without noticing it.” Fascinating piece on collective amnesia. Digital natives ought to take notice. This is what happens when you love technology but lose perspective.

“Still living in an antique universe.” Bob Lefsetz’s take on Summly. Dig this sentiment. He’s referring to the music business, but he could easily be talking about fundamentalist religion too.

“The door may be closed but it’s not locked.” Straight from PostSecret. Hard to tell who said this originally, but who cares? We take our hope wherever we can get it.


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