Beyond the culturally prescribed forms of courage

Carlin famously joked:

School was nothing but the indoctrination center where children were sent to be stripped of their individuality and turned into an obedient, soul dead conformist member of the American consumer culture.

That’s not a punchline, that’s perspective.

Because his joke is not really about school, it’s about sovereignty.

George’s words are a rebellious reminder about how our culture is very good at hypnotizing and dulling our consciousness. The world has a profound ability to completely indoctrinate us with its deluded model of happiness.

And we don’t have to say yes. We don’t have to lock into the brainwashed standardized masses and degrade into zombified morons who blindly accept whatever simplistic fairy tales are fed to us.

There’s still time to wake up.

Here’s a question that is helpful for tapping into our authenticity.

Which attitudes and courses of action do you reject that most people treat as gospel?

Everyone has one. Or several. And the key is making yourself aware of that disconnect, so you can start to feel empowered to advocate for the person you truly are, and not the one the world thinks you’re supposed to be.

Listen, most governments, religions, businesses, media and other institutions have the same hidden agenda. Keeping humanity small, scared, stupid and dreamless. Because it’s in their best interest to preserve the cultural trance that keeps us all distracted.

And so, if you are growing tired of watching the masses sleepwalk through life like pathetic automatons, you’re not alone. You’re not wrong.

Channel that anger to fuel yourself to effectively and elegantly opt out of most of society’s expectations.

And you’ll discover that freedom is closer than you think. 

What if conventional wisdom was proven to be only a perspective, one that could be mistaken?


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