Yes…I’d like a large order of Hypocritical Hospitality please

I picked up some delicious Popeyes chicken a few months back, and I’d agree that their recipe is one of the best. But here’s what I found to be slightly annoying/inconsistent with the particular store I went to…

I approached the counter to order. The clerk was busying herself in the register, not even acknowledging my presence. Eventually she closed the drawer, looked up with a scowl and impatiently muttered, “M’helpya?”

(Which, by the way, translates into English as “May I help you?”)

I then looked at her uniform and noticed one of the most ridiculous nametags I’ve ever seen in my life:


You gotta be kidding me. The Cajun Hospitality Team? What team? Where is this team you speak of? And what about the so called “cajun hospitality” I was supposed to receive? Doesn’t hospitality necesiate a warm greeting, perhaps a smile and coherent language?

Simply wearing a nametag that says you’re part of some corporate initiated, non-existent, b/s hospitality team doesn’t mean you’re actually offering hospitality. It just means you’re “telling” the guests when you need to be “showing” the guests.

Great example of a company who SHOWS their guests true hospitality: The Ritz Carlton. And if you’ve ever stayed at a property before, you know what I’m talking about.

But the thing is, their nametags are simple. No positions. No fake teams or committees. Just the name of an employee who is always prepared to blow you away with his incredible hospitality. I’ve actually had several years of work experience in Guest Services at The Ritz in St. Louis. And I’ve discovered that the truest hospitality is the type that comes from the heart. Because no matter what your nametag says, guests know when they’ve received a large order of Hypocritcal Hospitality.


When was the last time you received Hypocritical Hospitality?

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Scott Ginsberg
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