Screw the Operator!

I’ve already blogged about ways to leverage your voicemail greeting, but now it’s time to discuss the name announcement. This is the recording someone hears when you leave a message on his or her phone, i.e., “Next message…received on March 21st…from…Scott Ginsberg.”

When you set up your new voicemial program, the operator usually says, “Please record ONLY your first and last name after the tone. When you are finished, press the pound key.”


This is the part where you’re supposed to say your full name so people know that YOU left them a message.

And why?

Because the operator told you to.

Well you know what? Screw the operator.

Because just like the from line on your email, why not leverage this opportunity? Think of all the possibilities to make this two second recording stand out and be more creative and unforgettable. You could say:

  • The World’s Greatest Accountant
  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Landscaper
  • AMAZING Dave Tabbot
  • The Queen of Quilts
  • HELLO, my name is Scott!

    Have some fun with this. Remember, professionalism doesn’t always mean roboticism.


    How could you make your name announcement stand out?

    * * * *
    Scott Ginsberg
    Author/Speaker/That guy with the nametag

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