Work Without Clarity, Isn’t

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker, author, dad, yogi, guitarist and good friend of mine. The ideas in this post are drawn from his
most recent book, The Commitment Engine.

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Strategy, purpose, and passion are integral to success, but
none of them really matter without clarity.

Clarity is the strong and unwavering sense that our daily
choices are grounded in an authentic sense of purpose. Clarity is how we create
a sketch of something worth asking others to complete. Clarity forces us to
form the right questions.

Without clarity everything we do is either an attempt to
gain it or a stab at the hope that we are moving in the right direction.

Almost every business I’ve ever worked with, including my own,
struggles with this idea. But, until we are really clear and inspired by why we
do what we do, whom we do it for and how to do it with complete and utter
honesty, little else matters.

Clarity does not emerge by simply switching on some beacon
in hopes of throwing a clear and guiding light. It comes when we discover a
rusted but sturdy lamp in the basement of an old house. Then, only through
careful tinkering and polishing this lamp begins to cast a flicker of light.

And, as we continue to polish and tinker, something truly
brilliant begins to evolve.

With clarity comes control. With clarity comes grace. With
clarity comes joy.

Finding and keeping clarity takes work. It takes an
unbending willingness to see things for what they really are. To filter
decisions based on what might be best for others. To understand how to create
the products and services our customers really need.

Clarity is both a feeling and a direction. It can be
experienced and seen. It is at the same time perfect simplicity and obvious
complexity. Clarity inspires us and those

around us.

But what is it exactly?

Clarity is turning purpose to profit, leading with stories,
asking what to leave out, meeting the whole person, amplifying without hype, doing
more with less, embracing the truth, anticipating needs, measuring one perfect
thing, forming decisions out of beliefs and making a potent brand promise.

Clarity is the most important idea in any business.

Thanks John.


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