Why every entrepreneur needs to be on Flickr no later than tomorrow

Great news! I finally uploaded 140+ pics of speeches, travels and friends on Flickr.

And now I see what all the rage is about.

Flickr is super easy to use, it’s fun and it’s free. And in terms of the big picture…(ok, bad pun)…Flickr is a perfect tool to help businesspeople become more approachable…

1) It enables entrepreneurs to share pics with their customers. In my case, audience members like my friend Joe from Cincy. Click the box to watch a slide show!

2) You organize “sets” of pictures in groups based on the various areas of your profession (or life). For me, see pics of past speeches, media photos and book production. Click the box to learn more!

3) Albums of you simply “being you.” From baseball games to book signings to weddings, these photos capture it all. Check out my pic with the Easter Bunny!

The reason Flickr is so great is because it enhances the basic principle upon which approachability is based: TRUST.

Why should I hire this person?
Because you’ve just seen 40 pictures of him working (and laughing) with past clients.

How do I know this person is a credible expert?
Just browse through an album of her being interviewed in the media.

Will I get along and work well with him?
Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, that answer should be apparent by the time you’re done flipping through the albums.

BOTTOM LINE: get your butt on Flickr. It’s authentic, approachable, fun, personal and shows your customers, fans, friends and prospects that you walk your talk.

My Favorite Flickr Peeps
Tom Peters
Steve Rubel
John Moore


How do you use pictures to promote trust?

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