How to stand out from the crowd – literally!

Baseball is a way of life in St. Louis. We love our Redbirds! And for the past few years, Cardinal fans have eagerly anticipated the completion of The New Busch Stadium. Thanks to my friend and fellow author/speaker Andy Masters, I had the chance to watch the game from the bleachers. The place was amazing, the Cards looked great on the field and the nachos were delicious.

I even ran into some of my favorite “front porch friends” like Father Time, who you might remember from last May’s post.

I said, “Father Time! I’m Scott, The Nametag Guy. We met @ Kinkos last year.”

He actually remembered me! Cool.

The Easter Bunny walked around the stadium all day too, which I thought was awesome. Talk about approachable! Kids and adults alike ran up and jumped into the bunny’s arms. (And I still think it’s funny when you hug a mascot. You’re never quite sure if it’s a man or a woman inside. This particular Easter Bunny was a “she.” Or a high talker.)

And finally, the coolest part about the game…

Look at the picture of Andy and me again. Notice anything about the colors? That’s right, Andy is the only person in the bleachers wearing blue. (He says it brings out his eyes.) After the game, I got an email from Andy with this link to that showed this picture (on the right) of “The Sea of Cardinal Red,” and noticed something that literally “stood out from the crowd…”

Look closely.

Under the “E” in “OPENING DAY.”

It’s a little blue speck.

That’s Andy Masters!

Now that’s what I call “standing out from the crowd.”


How do you stand out from the crowd?

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Scott Ginsberg
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