Speaking @ WSU today; thinking back to the days of college

Man I miss college. So much fun, so little responsibility. And sitting here in Detroit as I prepare for my speech at the Senior Brunch today, I think back to all the great speakers I heard when I was a student.

Freshman year it was the CEO of Wrigley. As the owner of the Chicago Cubs, it was fascinating to hear him speak during the McGuire/Sosa homerun battle. I’ll never forget the way he ended his speech, “…so, in the words of Sammy Sosa, let me say that you students have been berry, berry good to me.

Nice. Kinda makes you wonder what his speech would be like today with all the hubub surrounding Bonds and other juiced up players.

Sophomore year it was Colin Powell, who was suprisingly funny. Halfway through his talk he asked all the members of ROTC to stand up so the rest of us could give them a round of applause. Of course, this was pre-911. Today, I think he’d ask us to give them a standing ovation.

Junior year I saw Rubin “Hurricaine” Carter address the student body. THAT was cool. When I heard he was coming to campus, I rented the movie based on his life to get a better understanding what he’d gone through as an athelete and a prisoner. Great acting job by Denzel. And I’ll always remember the line in his speech when he talked about being wrongfully im p risoned, “Hate threw me in, but love busted me out.”


What was the best speech you ever heard?

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