What Nobody Tells Us About Success

I got too successful, too fast, too early.

And because I lacked the mental, physical, spiritual and
emotional foundation to support my new found success, a lot of my life suffered.

On the business side, media attention wasn’t leveraged, partnership
opportunities weren’t developed, web traffic wasn’t converted and product sales
weren’t generated.

No wonder my company didn’t make any money for three years.

No wonder the ratio of effort to reward was so low.

On the personal side, family relationships weren’t nurtured,
personal health wasn’t monitored, social involvement wasn’t prioritized and
romantic interests were a joke.

No wonder I ended up in the hospital for a week with a
collapsed lung.

No wonder I experienced multiple anxiety attacks when I
found myself alone.

That’s what nobody tells us about
success. In its pursuit, we don’t just drive ourselves crazy, but we also drive
away the people we love the most.

Because odds are, it’s probably not worth it.


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