Crap, Now I Have to Sell This Thing

I’ll never forget smelling the first copy of my first book.

Greatest moment of all time. Especially for a guy who wanted
nothing more than to be an author his whole life, when I opened that cardboard case
and literally touched a copy of my dream, pride an accomplishment washed over
me like a spring rain.

Immediately following that, I had a realization: Crap. Now I have to sell this thing.

And that’s the moment nobody prepares us for. When passion
collides with practicality and completion becomes a bittersweet experience.

Because although we overcame the hurdle of starting, took
action in spite of our own ignorance, overcame creative resistance, followed
through with all of our might and executed our vision, all that means is, now
the real work starts.

Now we actually have to do something with what we’ve

Here we go.


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