Well, there goes my self-esteem

I stopped by the annual St. Louis Book Fair yesterday. It was pretty impressive: thousands and thousands of used books for less than two bucks a piece!

I picked up about a dozen rare titles, including an awesome book called A Brief History of the Smile!

The entire parking lot reeked of that old book smell. Ahhhhh! I love it. And everything was going great until I found myself in the self-help section and saw this:

No way. Is that what I think it is?

Yes. It’s my book. Sitting on the bargain table. For two bucks.

Well, there goes my self-esteem.

I held the book in my hand and starting laughing hysterically. The woman next to me looked over at my nametag and the book and asked, “Excuse me Scott, but is that you?”

“Yep, it’s my book. Came out in 2002. Guess it’s only worth two bucks!”

“Really? Do you have a pen? Will you sign it for me?”

“Um, sure…hang on.”

I autographed the copy for her and said, “Here ya go Maria…now it’s worth $2.25!”


What’s the coolest used book you’ve ever bought?

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Scott Ginsberg
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