FastCompany article features Seth Godin, Squidoo and Scott Ginsberg!

In the Water Cooler section of the latest issue of FastCompany, I was interviewed for an article on online networking; or as I like to call it, internetworking. FastCompany and I discussed the hottest online networking phenoms like MySpace and Seth Godin’s latest gig, Squidoo, as tools to spread WOM and MAGNETIZE more business.

Scroll down to see the clip from page 94. You can also click the image for an enlarged view. (Either way, read the text below. Great little article.)

The MySpace phenomenon has produced a new wave of social networking services where you can set up an online home to connect with friends and broadcast your expertise. Notable newcomers include TagWorld and Seth Godin’s Squidoo. These aren’t just for kids. Everyone needs to be using them. Isn’t a website enough? No.

“People don’t understand the difference between a Web site and a Web presence,” emphasizes Scott Ginsberg, aka “That Guy with the Nametag.” (Ginsberg wears a nametag to make a point about approachability. He’s been wearing it for more than five years.) He has a website, a blog, and a Squidoo page, and writes articles for other websites.

He regularly gets writing and speaking gigs because people find him through Google – and because of how Google works, the more you’re out there thanks to networking sites, the higher you’ll rank when people search for your expertise. So which social-networking service is for you? All of them…

I have Seth Godin to thank for this invaluable piece of publicity. Here’s why. After the interview was over, I asked FastCompany the crucial question you must always ask reporters, customers and prospects: how’d ya hear about me?

FastCompany’s answer? “We saw your page on Squidoo.”

The lesson is simple: websites are no longer enough – you need a web presence.

Get your butt on Squidoo. Get your butt on MySpace. In fact, get your butt on everything! All of these tools for internetworking are front porches for your business. Every one of them positions you in a credible, approachable and valuable manner.

And that’s what MAGENTIZES more business, more word of mouth and more customers.


How do you maximize your web presence?

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Scott Ginsberg
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