Adventures in Nametagging: Ft. Wayne Style

Last week was my first time in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It’s known as “The City of Churches,” which became apparent to me when I looked out of my hotel window only to see steeple after steeple after steeple! Cool.

(Thanks to the Ft. Wayne CVB for the great t-shirt.)

My speech was for the Indiana Chapter of Meeting Planners International. Before the program I went out to dinner with my old friend Donna Jacobsen, along and my new friends Deborah and Jim. They all wore nametags when they welcomed me in the lobby. (You’d be surprised how often people play that joke on me!)

When our server at Club Soda (a former textile factory turned jazz/martini bar) came over to greet us, he said, “Good evening Donna … Jim … Deborah … Scott…hey, where’s my nametag?!”

I whipped out one of my spares and let Nathan join the nametag party.

“So Scott, do you always carry blank nametags around with you?” he asked. Everyone laughed.

“Of course I do. Hey, you never know when someone else will need one!”

The folks at the Grand Wayne Convention Center did an awsome job with the meeting. The room was set up in an obvious Granny Smith theme, complete with an apple ice sculpture. And boy did it look tasty. I almost stopped my speech halfway through just to take a bite!

But I didn’t. Instead, we talked about networking intros, being that guy and owning a word. I even ran into a fellow NSA’er, Dan Surface.

A good time was had by all.


What’s been your experience with Ft. Wayne?

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Scott Ginsberg
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