We wish you good luck on your search for love

The value proposition of online dating websites is, they take the lottery out of love.

In fact, many of them work so well, they guarantee it.

Match famously states that if you don’t find someone special within six months, they’ll give you an additional six months free. Terms and conditions apply, of course, but the offering is legitimate.

It certainly convinced me to sign up for the service during my single years. And it worked.

What’s interesting is, you can read all the legal fine print of their offering, but the company never actually specifies the most important element.

What does it mean to find someone special? Isn’t that a subjective concept? And are there not as many definitions of someone special as there are people to find them?

Kind of makes you wonder if the legal department has ever contested that guarantee for one of its users.

Imagine some entry level customer service agent at their call center writing the following email:

We regret to inform you that you are not eligible to receive your guarantee extension, as standing outside of your date’s bedroom window for three hours in the rain with a white van idling in the street, does not qualify as someone special. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, and we wish you good luck on your search for love.

What’s your definition? How do you define those two critical words?

Might be something to think about before you start stalking strangers on the internet.

Personally, here are from my own list.

Someone special is someone who makes you start saying we.

Someone who accepts everything broken in you.

Someone who sees your originality and honors it.

Someone who helps you avoid problems before they arise.

Someone who gives you sound and unfiltered feedback.

Someone who brings a sense of calm and tempering influence.

Someone who longs to hear precisely what you have to express.

Someone who feels more in love with you than impressed by you.

Not everyone will check every single box, but you know some of these things going in, the search will be much more fruitful.

How did you know that you had found somebody special?


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