That which happens when we come together

Buber saw the path to divinity through human contact.

He speculated that a person could not approach the divine by reaching beyond the human:

God is not in me and not in you, god is simply what is between us. God is the collective involuntary nervous system of human beings. The electricity that surges amid physical bodies. Anytime one person relates to another, and relates also to that relationship, both authentically and humanly, they relate thereby to god.

Mathew’s gospel popularized it with the oft quoted scripture, for where two or more are gathered in my name, the divine is among them.

The beautiful part about this theory is, it has nothing to do with organized religion. It’s not a monument to ancestral superstition, it’s not an intellectual ruin from a bygone era, it’s not a magic act people use to justify horrifying acts, it’s not a theological insurance scam for the neurologically challenged, and it’s not satisfying and smiley illusion for a wonderful eternity coming.

It’s just us. People. God is that which happens when we come together.

When we are most aware of relating to another being, we are most in touch with holiness.

Because each of us carry within us a divine spark, and when others witness it, our lives suddenly have dignity, meaning and hope.

It’s like the quantum physicists have said, particles cease to exist until they are observed.

Before there is a self, there is an other.

Only in the continuous encounter with other persons do we become and remain a person.

What if god was equally approachable through all religions, and through no religion?


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