There’s no such thing as creating too much

Patterson has three hundred million copies of his books in print worldwide. He’s the planet’s bestselling author since the turn of the century. Last year, one out of every twenty six books sold had his name on it. 

This man is my hero. 

James is all about volume. Multiple projects at once. Multiple titles every year. Multiple landscapes to harvest his brilliance. And despite what the critics say about his craft, despite jealous authors calling him a paint by number book factory, this writer is going to keep cranking out books until he croaks. 

Actually, I take that back. James will probably publish more titles post mortem than most authors do in the lifetimes. 

The point is, people’s opinions about our output shouldn’t concern us. Eventually, every creator has to reach a point where they no longer need other people to support the decisions they’ve made about their artistic reality. 

I learned this early on as a songwriter, considering my debut record was a double album. How’s that for being prolific? And yet, despite the cynical looks people gave me, despite people’s suspicions and judgments about some nineteen year old kid whose first album had twenty songs on it, I just kept creating. 

Call it audacious, call it presumptuous, call it grandiose, but that’s what who I am. Making things is my thing and there’s nothing anybody can do to stop me. 

Years later when I started writing books, a major publisher contacted me about working together. The only problem was, their author contract would have limited me to only releasing one book every two years. No thanks. I have too much to say. 

One of my songwriting heroes made a beautiful point about this very issue. Adams eloquently asked the interviewer, why are people curating other people? So many people are so lazy, timid and fearful of actually ensconcing themselves in their chosen craft, of making that simple decision to have faith in their ideas on what they were spiritually inclined to do what makes them happy. 

Amen. There’s no such thing as creating too much. 

If volume is vanity, than hand me a mirror and call me the evil queen. 


What did you write today?


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