Let the past die and the future will take care of itself

Don’t spend a lot of time looking over your shoulder. 

As tempting as it is to gaze into the rear view mirror to check out the competition, recount your successes and failures, dwell in the paranoia of external pressures, prosecute yourself for crimes past and regret every decision you made just because it might not have been the best possible choice, just keep your head down, keep the story going, and keep your distance from what opposes or weakens your forward motion. 

Celebrate quickly and quietly, but then cut loose from the dead hand of the past and use all of your faculties to find that next, magnificent leap forward. 

And yes, progress may range from dull to spectacular, but you must accept both. Because even if you’re not moving forward by leaps and bounds, at least you’re not moving in reverse. Besides, successful people mark progress not by the distance covered, but by the marks and angles that are formed along the way. 

That’s the beauty of wrinkles and scars and facial lines and grey hairs. They’re the epidermal artifacts of progress. 

Obama famously said during the campaign for his second presidential term, every gray hair was worth it. Considering the work his team has done on health care, civil liberties, consumer protection, withdrawing foreign troops and stimulating the economy, I’d say he was right. Talk about a guy who doesn’t spend a lot of time looking over his shoulder. 

A modern reminder that you can’t let guilt haunt your decision making. Never feel guilty for wanting progress. 


Are you looking at life through the rear view mirror?


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