Dip your toes in committed waters

I have a chef friend who dreamed of starting her own
restaurant, but couldn’t afford the overhead of doing so year around. 

And so,
instead of going broke going the whole hog, she started small. First, she began
selling her dishes at the local food events and farmers markets. Once she
attracted enough attention, earned enough money and gained enough confidence,
she opened up a seasonal pop up shop in a space normally occupied by an ice
cream shop during warmer weather. 

Customers loved it. Momentum started
building. The brand gained traction. But that’s when my friend decided to leave
people wanting more. She closed the shop during the summer to retool the menu,
then reopened the following year for season number two. And customers couldn’t
wait to come back. 

The question, then, is what’s next for her? Will she stay
open year round? Expand to multiple locations? Launch a line of retail
products? Start a food truck? 

She doesn’t know. Because that’s not how
experiments work. The point is, she didn’t want to risk breaking the bank and
breaking her back going all the way right away, so she lowered the threat level
and took a calculated risk. She dipped her toes in committed waters. She
bravely exposed her dream to the harsh, raw light of the real world. Even if
only for a few months out of the year. 

And now, whenever the time comes for her
to up the ante on her commitment, she’ll be ready to pull the trigger. 

the beauty of baby steps. They allow our more mature expressions to come into


What risky but reasonable action you could take to increase your level of commitment?


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