There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt

Think about the biggest drama queen you know.

Do they spin small anxieties into outsize disasters? Do they cry wolf at the slightest sign of trouble? Do they assume disaster is around every corner? Do they spin everything into a vortex of negative thought?

Do they take minor provocations as personal affronts? Do they believe they are the only one to ever experience bad events? Do they have zero sense of proportion? Do they overuse hyperbole to the point of bursting from it?

Do they employ nonstop histrionics and search of the spotlight?

It’s truly exhausting.

But it can also be compelling, attractive and even addictive.

Hollywood writers know this well. They create big, charismatic characters who chew up the scenery and comically overreact to everything because they know audiences will react.

Which is fine on the screen, but it’s different in real life. As much as we bemoan the office drama queen in theory, we have to notice when we enjoy and enable that behavior too much.

Here are a few more questions to ask, several of which actually made me realize my own complicity in the issue. See how they resonate with you

Have you ever confronted your own fascination with drama? Are you taking stock of your own contribution to the drama problem? Does your drama queen’s neediness make you feel important? Does being the sanest one on the team reinforce your sense of superiority? Do you refuse to bite when the drama starts rolling?

Point being, every drama queen needs subjects.

If you want to dethrone her, start by removing the audience. 

Have you honestly asked yourself about your role in the creation of the situation that frustrates you?


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