The satisfaction of knowing that all systems are operating

A clearing house is a central institution or agency that collects, maintains and distributes something between parties. London coined the term back in the early nineteenth century. 

Lubbock’s built a single room where clerks for local banks met each day to exchange checks and settle accounts, pioneering an innovative exchange process that helped streamline operations, save time, reduce labor, decrease cost, increase efficiency, mitigate risk and ultimately strengthen the banking industry. 

Two centuries later, clearinghouses are now used for a variety of transactions, from legal to financial to informational to technical. 

And so, even if you’re not hypnotized by the sexy industry of futures exchanges and commodities derivatives, there’s still an important lesson to learn from the concept of a clearinghouse. 

Because everyone has dreams. Everyone has things they want to do. Everyone has projects they want to realize in the world. Meaning, everyone is looking for tools to help streamline effort, reduce time, save cost and most importantly, maximize satisfaction. 

And that’s when the clearinghouse comes in handy. It’s not a physical institution that distributes something, it’s a conceptual destination where you can unite all of your interesting goals, intermingling your dreams into a meaningful, cohesive whole. 

When I started making music films, I treated them as clearinghouse projects. Because each movie was a confluence of many dreams. A platform that allowed me to find a home for all of my talents. A productive obsession that freed me flex each my artistic muscles, from writing to singing to guitar playing to public speaking to book packaging to mass communicating. 

And so, whatever dream you’re chasing, approach it as a clearinghouse. Instead of running around the forest putting a few chops in each tree, try creating a big enough axe to demolish them all. Because you can’t beat the satisfaction of knowing that all systems are operating. 


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