Life is only limited by our own prejudices

There’s nothing more liberating than the thought that we can engage with something without having to subscribe to its content. It all depends on the mindset with which we approach it. 

Holy scriptures are the perfect example. There are thousands of volumes from hundreds of religions from all over the world. And they’re all interesting and insightful and inspiring. 

But only if they’re read literately. Not literally, but literately

Meaning, they are respected for the literature that they are. 

I’ve read The Bible cover to cover multiple times. Not because I’m a religious man of great faith, but because that book is the singe most popular, most printed, most published, most purchased, most read, most recognized, most translated, most demanded, most donated, most circulated, most owned, most influential, and of course, most stolen book in the history of the world. How could I resist? 

That’s the workings of a growth mindset. Feeling strong enough in your own intellectual separateness that you are not fearful of losing yourself. Laying aside your own views and values in order to enter another world without prejudice. Staying deeply curious about a different experience without identifying it with your own story. Launching yourself fully into the stream of life, open to the complete possibility of what could be, while staying in observation mode instead of being sucked into judgment. 

Loy said it best more than one hundred years ago in her futurist manifesto:

Life is only limited by our own prejudices. Destroy them and you cease to be at the mercy of yourself. 


Are you treating books as our own personal fortune cookie to confirm your beliefs, or as an objective growth experience to expand your capabilities?


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