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Hempton, the great acoustic ecologist, has circled the globe three times in the last thirty years in pursuit of the earth’s rarest nature sounds. His audio work is a stunning reminder that we should always respond to nature as part of ourselves, not as a stranger or alien available for exploitation. 

After all, the imagination of nature is far greater than the imagination of man. It has its own tempo and flow and an infinite process of creation of which we are only a small part. And humans would be wise to pay attention. 

For example, consider mating calls of birds. Hempton once explained that the love songs birds sing attract mates, but they also draw the attention of predators. What a romantic and terrifying reality. Not just for birds, but for humans too. Because we’re all just stumbling through this forest, singing our hearts out, hoping that the authentic song we’ve been gifted to deliver will somehow match the frequency of a kindred spirit who locks into the harmonic connection and flies across the forest to meet us. 

And sometimes we find the bird we’ve been waiting for, and sometimes we find the hungry bobcat who’s been waiting for us. 

There’s no way to predict it, there’s no way to control it. 

So we accept them both as part of the journey. Because that’s the risk in singing our authentic song. We take a chance in what we attract with our calls. 


Are you wiling to stick around and continue to be yourself until the right people eventually find you?


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