The Personal Creativity Management Manifesto

Prolific, my new software as a service company, was founded upon a simple principle.

Personal expression is a bedrock human need. Bettering our relationship to creativity is a moral imperative of our species.

But most people stand in an unfortunate relationship to their own creativity. They have few ways of quantifying or speaking sensibly about it.

Hence, the launch of Personal Creativity Management. It’s just my life philosophy in ones and zeros.

Now, since the product embraces a new and different way of approaching the creative process, I wrote a manifesto to summarize and simplify my point of view. Enjoy!


1. Creativity is systematic, not sporadic.

2. You are never starting from scratch.

3. Volume and speed trump accuracy and quality.

4. Mindset matters more than environment.

5. Giving yourself permission is half of the work.

6. If you don’t write it down, it never happened.

7. All forms of emotional tension are usable.

8. Whatever is unsexy gives you leverage.

9. You have plenty of time to do everything you want to do.

10. If fulfillment isn’t the answer, then rephrase the question.

11.Energy is the organizing principle that gives you the greatest momentum.

12.Nobody is paying attention anyway, so you may as well enjoy the process.

# # #

These statements represent what I believe are the most important principles about PCM.

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P.S. Now go create something!


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