The Belonging Sessions 012: Judith King of The Morris + King Company

1. Good brands are bought, but great brands are joined. Why do you think your employees join yours?

We’ve created a culture of complete honesty, friendship and
leading with love. We’re never unkind, my door is never closed and I have never
walked in the office in a bad mood. That’s deeply unfair to my colleagues. We
do whatever it takes to make each other as happy as possible. There’s constant
laughter, while getting a lot of work done simultaneously – because when you
participate with each other, you elevate each other.

2.    The great workplaces of the world have soul. What do you do to humanize your

I respect people’s right to be engaged by their space, so I’m
constantly changing design of the office. This keeps people’s eyes interested
in their surroundings on a physical and emotional level. Also, we have great
snacks. We choose a different candy bar every month, running a contest to let
people select the one they want. This place is brimming with soul. It’s a
universe where excellence can blossom.

3.    Belonging is a basic human craving. How do you remind employees that they’ve
found a


I’m realistic. Work ain’t home. But people belong to the extent
that the environment is the best possible. I don’t want to curtail their creativity.
There’s no dress code. I encourage people to think about the work, not what
they have to wear that day. Also, we’ve done some of the finest practical jokes
around, to the point that they’ve become legendary. At the end of the day, the
fish stinks from the head, and I never want this place to stink.

Thanks Judith! Learn more about Morris + King here.


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