Bother to Bother, Dare to Care

True service isn’t about labor and time, it’s about intention and attention.

It’s not about bastardizing caring into a technique, it’s
about broadcasting the willingness to and the consistency with which you do

When the restaurant has an hour wait, takes down my cell
phone number on their iPad, encourages me to walk around the neighborhood and
promises to send me a text message five minutes before my table is ready,
consider me served.

When the financial advisor calls me the day the stock market
crashes, spends a half hour briefing me on the state of the economy, then sets
up a meeting to sit down and talk about the future of my investments, consider
me served.

When the hotel concierge checks me in and wheels out a stack
of every bible from every major religion, including a book on atheism, then
asks me which book I would like to keep in my dresser drawer, consider me

These companies bothered to bothered. They dared to care.
They took a minute to make a moment, showed up when it mattered, and did
something tangible that made a difference.


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