Testing the bolts and hinges of our own brains

There’s nothing more painful than being open beyond our preconceptions and historical ways of making sense. 

Accepting that there might be something to learn outside our own experience. 

In fact, that’s the engine of all human conflict. Each of us is unconsciously asking ourselves, why can’t everybody else be more like me? 

But the reality is, life is much more complicated than our limited imagination. And if we’re left to our own experiences, we suffer from a shortage of data. 

Thank god for the magic of creativity. It’s not only the motivator of making art, but the engine of empathy. The major means by which human beings liberate ourselves from the shackles of our conditioned responses and usual choices. 

Turns out, the more time and effort and money we invest in our creativity, the more empathetic we become. The more we are able to lift ourselves to new levels of understanding. 

And so, we use creativity not only to bring new ideas into being, but also to disrupt our own point of view. To shake the gates of life and test the bolts and hinges of our own brains. 

That way, the futurist manifesto states, our eyes, accustomed to semi darkness, will soon open to more radiant visions of life. 


Are you still trying to clone other people in your image by projecting our autobiography onto them?


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