They care about how my insides feel

When I conduct employee training programs for hotel chains, we spend a good hour telling stories about unforgettable guest experiences. 

It’s not only interesting, insightful and entertaining, but it’s a powerful teaching tool. It makes people feel heard and less alone in their hospitality journey. 

One hotel concierge recently shared a story that nearly made the entire room tear up. 

A guest’s toddler had lost her teddy bear en route to the hotel. And so, she drove to the toy store during her lunch break, bought the exact same model bear and overnighted it to the little girl’s house to greet her when she returned home. 

But here’s the best part. The hotel employee also included a handwritten letter from the teddy bear himself, explaining to the toddler that he was gone on very special teddy bear business for the past few days, and how relieved he was to be reunited with his rightful owner. 

The little girl was ecstatic. The parents told every single person they knew. And the concierge received a guest service award in the company’s monthly newsletter. 

Another story came from the bell captain. Late one night, a guest arrived at the hotel without his luggage, no thanks to the airline that misplaced it. The bellman promptly hustled down the street to the mall, bought two suitcases from the department store, ran back to the man’s room and asked him which of the two bags best resembled the one the airline lost. The guest was speechless.

Both of these stories involve employees who took initiative, owned the problem, spent the money, employed their creativity, personalized the gift, cemented the memory, and as a result, earned lifetime fans of their hotel. 

Because the guests couldn’t help but think, wow, that hotel did this just for me? 

That’s the kind of story newspapers write articles about. And it’s a thousand times more persuasive than any advertisement. Best of all, it’s free. For those who care about how people’s insides feel. For those who bother to bother. 


Do you make it laughable the amount of time you put into your acts of generosity?


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