Rightness can be reverse engineered

In the early stages of a new project, when you’re not quite sure what you want yet, instead of allowing indecision to paralyze forward motion, just start failing until your true desire announces itself. Begin making the wrong choices quickly, quietly and cheaply. Flush all of the bad ideas out of your system first, and that way, you can back into what you really want through a process of elimination. 

The key is to let your body lead the way. That’s a lesson I relearn every time I publish a new book, launch a new website, make a new movie or release a new album. My design team sends me sketches and comps and drafts of our new project, and if I don’t immediately experience some kind of physiological response, like a chuckle or an audible or gasp or a pulse in my gut or a good old fashioned eyebrow raise, then I know we haven’t nailed it yet. I know we’re still a few failures away from the truth. 

And so, I keep plowing through the pile of wrongness until what I want finally floats to the surface. And it always does. It’s a matter of patience. Trusting the process. Having faith that whatever wants to emerge will find a foothold. 

Remember, deciding what you want is the most important work you will ever do. Don’t be afraid to come in through the back door. Even if you have to trudge through a pile of garbage and puddle of mud to get where you want. 

You can fail your way to getting what you want. 


How can you reverse engineer your desire through process of elimination?


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