Simplicity Isn’t Just Elegance, It’s Eloquence

Apple users don’t need instructions.

In a pinch, they can always hop online to find product
information sheets,troubleshooting pages, installation
handbooks, online tutorials, user guides and owners manuals.

But why search for instructions when
you already have permission?

Steve Jobs democratized technology. He
created products that don’t require anything but curiosity. You just open the
box, press the button and let your imagination carry you away. Meanwhile, his
competitors at Blackberry, whose 329-page instruction manual could pass for a
university textbook, are seeing an eighty percent decline in stock price.

Simplicity is isn’t just elegance –
it’s eloquence.

Make it beyond easy for customers to
use your products. Invest the majority of your time, money and energy creating beautiful
things that don’t require a degree to operate.

And people won’t think twice about
taking a bite out of your apple.


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