We’re Never Going Back in Our Cages

Hiring ourselves has never been easier.

Thanks to accessibility, democratization and instantaneity
of the web, artists and entrepreneurs now have the ability circumvent many of
the power structures that used to prohibit us from executing, sharing,
promoting and selling our work.

If we want to write a manual, start a podcast, create a
blog, host a television show, curate a collaborative novel, open an online art
gallery or launch a digital publishing platform, we can (finally) just do it.
Art has turned into one big Nike commercial.

The gatekeepers have
lost the key, and we’re never going back in our cages.

Which means starting is easier than ever. We can achieve
digital immortality with fewer barriers, zero permission and a whole lot of
hard work.

But that also means that execution is more important than

And most of us are awful at taking action on what matters.


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