Sail boldly into the squall of your own fears

If you stay in the entrepreneurial game long enough, eventually, you stop challenging your anxieties and start leaning into them. You learn to live with them long enough to respect them. 

As the ancient scripture beautifully reminds us, should we want to contain something, we must deliberately let it expand, and should we want to control something, we must deliberately grant it access. 

Because there’s no point in trying to overcome something that’s part and parcel of the process. In my experience, that only compounds the pain. In fact, consider the ever expanding list of forces each of us has to contend with. 

We have provider anxiety, performance anxiety, opportunity anxiety, option anxiety, waiting anxiety, withdrawal anxiety, selling anxiety, expectation anxiety, survival anxiety, failure anxiety and success anxiety, to name a few. 

And so, spend a few years working for yourself, and you quickly learn that anxiety permeates the creative process. Forever. It may change shape, but it doesn’t go away. 

The trick, then, is to always reserve a portion of your stamina to work with the inevitable anxieties of the journey. You might consider treating it as one of your most important projects or clients, one that needs constant attention and prioritization. 


What would be different in your life if you realized that the door must be opened from the inside?


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