Take all the aspects of making things into your own hands

Historically, the artist made
the art. That was their sole job function. The primary creative act of putting
words on paper or clicking the shutter or performing on a stage. Middlemen and
vendors and corporations and intermediaries accomplished everything else. 

thanks to the confluence of modern culture, i.e., the digital revolution and
the direct to consumer era and the long tail phenomenon and the connection
economy and the nonexistent barriers to entry the infinite shelf space of the
internet, now, artists can take all the aspects of making things into their own

First, they can create the opportunity create art. Long before they even
break ground on the canvas. Then, they can create art. Quickly and cheaply and
publicly. Next, they can take their truth to market. They can package, publish,
distribute, promote, merchandise, leverage and sell the art. Then, they can
communicate around the art. Connecting with media and fans and customers and
viewers and audience members. Lastly, they can earn the right to do the work
again. And start the process over. 

There has never been a better time in
history to be an artist. Control is cheap and ideas are free. The only caveat
is, with great control comes great responsibility. Should you decided to take
all the aspects of making things in your own hands, it’s your ass on the line. 

There’s nobody to blame for your failures but the person staring back at you in
the mirror. 


How much are you willing to bet on yourself?


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