Nobody can stop you from learning anything

Husserl was the grandfather of phenomenology, which is the philosophical study of the structures of experience and consciousness. 

He believed that experience was the source of all knowledge, famously saying that learning was not the accumulation of scraps of knowledge, but a growth where every act of knowledge develops the learner, this making him capable of constituting ever more and more complex objectives. 

Learning, then, was the activity of the whole being. An organic process. Not just finding out what other people already know. Not just slavish memorization of information. But real experiential education that calls for action and sensitivity and awareness and reflection. 

The good news is, all you have to do is ask questions and nobody can stop you from learning anything. Here’s one of my personal favorites. 

Am I learning enough through this experience to consider it part of my education? 

Unpaid internships are a perfect example. Business publications and employment organizations love to demonize them as unfair, immoral, discriminating and even illegal. And maybe they are. 

But whatever happened to apprenticeships? Whatever happened to journeymen? Have we become so entitled as a culture that we’ve lost touch with the humbling and satisfying challenge of working our way up the ranks? 

These are the types of priceless experiential opportunities that solidify our foundations and develop us as learners and allow us to grow smarter and stronger in the future.

Just because we’re not getting paid and getting benefits and getting a corner office, doesn’t mean we can’t grow from the experience. 


Are you embracing an organic, long term learning process?


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