You shoot me in a dream, you better wake up an apologize

Contrary to popular conditioning, dreaming is not inferior to the sum of the moments of reality. And dreams shouldn’t be reduced to a mere parenthesis. 

Just because we’re unconscious doesn’t mean we can’t take that experience seriously. After all, we spend a third of our lives asleep. We we may as well discern what questions the dream is trying to answer. What our subconscious might be trying to tell us. 

And the good news us, we don’t have to take classes or go to therapy or earn a degree in clinical psychology. It’s simply a matter of intentionality and discipline. Because dreams always bring more questions than answers. In fact, we are often left with very real feelings that our dreams have aroused. 

Ever woke up in the middle of the night and felt the need to immediately apologize to your spouse for something you never even did? It happens to everyone. 

And so, it’s always a useful practice to name and explore those subconscious remains. I’ve been journaling my dreams for more than a decade, thanks to the recommendation from my therapist as a morning ritual for anxiety reduction. He encouraged me to spend time first thing each morning processing the night before. Not because it would give me a comprehensive understanding of dream interpretation and help unravel the unconscious symbols of my mind, but because it’s just another chance to talk to myself about my thoughts and feelings. 

It’s an ongoing conversation from which I draw conclusions that move me to take action while I’m awake. Perhaps the idea of following our dreams is more literal than we realize. 


What might your subconscious be trying to tell you?

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