Less Talkey, More Doey

Why give up freelancing and work for someone else?

know. I never thought I’d do it either.

in addition to being bored with the work, tired of running my own business, burned
by an incestuous industry, sick
of sitting at home all day, sick of waiting for that one email that changes
everything, done bloodying my knuckles knocking on a door that was never going
to open,
with my first career and finally okay with who I am as a person, here’s the
other big reason I recently made a job transition.

Less talkey, more doey.

If I don’t go get raw and engage in the real world, if I’m
not constantly tested in the crucible of everyday life, then my ideas will only
exist in my own head.

If I don’t step outside of the echo chamber, get out into
the cold and hostile world, then I’m stuck in a fantasy land with no basis in
objective reality.

If I try to make it solely on personality, spending all my
time pontificating on the stage and on the page without actually executing,
I’ll just annoy people.

If I continue resting on my laurels, solely milking work
I’ve shipped in the past, I’m just another blowhard who has lost credence.

Feels pretty amazing.


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