Out Of A Job Every Week

Living life on spec corrodes your spirit.

and erratic income, sporadic employment, feast or famine cycles, fear of the
work drying up, lack of job security, essentially, tossing coins in the wishing
well and hoping bills float to the surface.

murder out there.

But that’s the brutal truth about working for
yourself. You’re always trying to
resolve the economic problem of livelihood. Having to live and die by every gig you get,
you’re basically out of a job every week. Or every month. Or every few months.

And yet, some people thrive on it. They love
the hustle, the hunger and the pressure. They crave the sword of
dangling over their head, and they use the continuous tension to fuel
their work.

Eventually, though, we all have to ourselves if
this lifestyle and business model is truly sustainable over the long haul.


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