Inverting The Marketing Graph

Most traditional marketing actually becomes less effective
over time.

companies continue to spend millions of dollars irritating their way
into people’s inboxes, and as buyers
behaviorally and technologically tune out these interruptive campaigns, the
law of diminishing returns settles in. And organizations end up hurting their
brands the more that they market them on depreciating platforms.

Unless you give your army the means to convert for you.

What if you offered your untapped tribe a reason to take up
arms and champion you? By putting the right people in the right situations
where they become the marketing,
where they become the heroes, passion
and heart and connection and generosity will fuel your movement, and everybody
will come out better.

Sure beats pulling the big slot machine arm and hope the
audience shows up.

If your company is trying to market a new product in an
innovative way, instead of pushing rocks up the mountain, trying rolling
snowballs down the hill. Build assets that grow more valuable over time.

Invert the marketing graph and reward longevity and


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