Our actions will affect their company in no way whatsoever

Here’s the type of online review that breaks my heart:

They can afford not to care.

Have you ever been a customer at this kind of establishment? Whether it’s a retail shop, boutique hotel or large apathetic global monolith, few things make people feel more frustrated and helpless than dealing with a business that’s in some kind of monopoly position. 

Because for whatever reason, that company is not incentivized to make customers a priority. Maybe they’re the only game in town, maybe their demand vastly outweighs their supply, maybe they don’t need the money, or maybe the owners are just assholes.

Either way, there’s simply nothing that we, as the customers, can do about the situation. Our actions will not affect their multimillion dollar company in no way whatsoever.

To quote one of my favorite satire articles:

You engage in emotionless transactions and leave your instantly replaceable customers with zero choice but to have the exact same experience at another soulless multinational corporation somewhere else. They will happily take their business to one of the other faceless entities around the corner and feel equally insulted and dehumanized there.

What’s the solution? How can angry and helpless customers fight back against companies who can afford not to care?

Here’s my idea.

After all, hate is a very expensive emotion. But if we could learn to properly amplify and channel it, we might have an impact.

Loathecation is a crowd sourced web mapping service where marginalized and discriminated people can drop a pin at all of the establishments where they’ve been treated unfairly.

Now each and every incident of assholery will be recorded and aggregated as a digital a wakeup call for local businesses.

Look, most people need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy, and the same rule applies to businesses.

Loathecation can finally help corporate indifference fall off the map.

Public shaming is the way to go. People are sick and tired of the payoff companies are getting out of their apathetic attitudes.

It’s time we start calling some of these crappy companies onto the carpet and vote with our feet.

When was the last time you were a customer of a business that could afford not to care about you?


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