On Using Cool Words

Don’t you love learning new words? Or better yet, using them in conversation and on paper?

OK, maybe it’s just me. I’m sort of a vocab freak. (Hey, I’m a writer. What can I say?)

Still, I think each person’s communication style is partly defined by the words he or she uses. In fact, I think everyone has a few words that they always use; so much so that others define them by those words. Which I guess could be good or bad.

I got thinking about that this morning when I came across a great post at Life Beyond Code. Here are a few examples:

My friend John always used to say this. It was his description for really good food. “Let’s go to The Roxy. They got the chronic pancakes!” I now say it all the time.

My girlfriend loves this one. And not just, “I feel happy,” but “Ooh! Look at those bean bag chairs! They’re so happy!” Perfect for her glowing personality.

I can’t help but think of Mike, Adam and Roger whenever I hear the word outstanding. It’s just their word. They even named their company Outstanding Productions. And appropriately so – these are three fun, crazy guys who love to have an outstanding time wherever they go. It suits them.

To Kenny, everybody’s babe. Friends, family, coworkers: babe. I love it. Known him my whole life and he’s always been an authentic, charming guy who just loves to call people babe. It makes you fee special.

* * * *

I once had a business professor who told us, “Try to use the word pterodactyl at least once a day.” (Hmm…not a bad word either!) As for me, I try to use the word notwithstanding as often as possible. Great word.


What about you? What are your favorite words to use? What do they say about your personality?

* * * *
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