Great Icebreaker: Licking The Feet of Strange Women on the Subway

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS – Falling to his knees on a subway train, a young Brooklyn man allegedly grabbed the feet of scores of female straphangers – kissing and licking them until the women screamed.

But last night Joseph Weir, 23, kept his mouth shut and let his lawyer do the talking as he was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court last night on charges of unlawful imprisonment and forceable touching.

“He would grab women by their ankles, then kiss and lick their feet. A real sicko,” a police source said. Assistant Manhattan District Attorney Rachana Pathak said Weir would corner a woman alone on the subway at night and bow to her while asking, “Can I date you? Can I be your slave?”

Weir was ordered held in lieu of $10,000 bail.

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Well. That’s certainly one way to approach women. Not exactly the most effective front porch I’ve ever seen!


What’s the LEAST effective way to approach men/women for dates?

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