Everything is a plus

My Grandma Mimi is smart.

I was showing her the new crib this weekend when she made a comment about my decorating. “Scotty, where did you learn how to coordinate colors so well? This place looks great!”

“Yeah, looks like all those days of selling furniture finally paid off,” I replied.

“Well, just remember: in life, everything is a plus.”

That stuck with me all weekend. Everything is a plus.

Kind of reminded me of something Tony Robbins said in Unlimited Power:

Limited references create a limited life. If you want to expand your life, you must expand your references by pursuing ideas and experiences that wouldn’t be a part of your life if you didn’t consciously seek them out.

I think that’s GOT to be one of the most rewarding things about wearing a nametag 24-7: expanding my references. Cool things and people and experiences I’ve encountered that otherwise never would have existed, all of which have had an effect on my life. From speaking in Switzerland to having a stalker to writing a quiz for Cosmo to talking to 40,000+ strangers to being inducted into Ripley’s, everything is a plus.

The more cool/unique experiences you have…
The more cool/unique people you meet…
The more cool/unique things you see, watch, hear, read, taste…
The more cool/unique places you go…

…the more cool/unique you will become.

Everything is a plus. Like my bud Glen Phillips says, “There is nothing that doesn’t matter. Every word is a seed that scatters. Everything matters.”


What’s your favorite reference?

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Scott Ginsberg
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