Negativity Is The Easy Way Out

I come from a long line of positivity beacons.

Fundamentally affirmative personalities who respond to others
with of constant chorus of yeses. Relentless encouragers whose immediate
optimism makes the people around them think to themselves, I believe in this, I can do this, I’m ready to try this.

That’s why it’s so hard for me to wrap my head around
negativity. It doesn’t compute with my biology. When I encounter people whose
native wiring is to soil conversations with shit, they might as well be speaking
another language.

I guess I understand the allure. Negativity is easy to find,
easy to dispense and even easier to rally people around. And resisting the pull
of that force is no easy task.

But ninety percent of life is doing things that aren’t easy.

And our attitudes shouldn’t be any different.


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