Making decisions is hard, living with them is a harder

My mentor once gave me a priceless piece of business advice. 

Once you’ve sold something, don’t buy it back. Just get your money and walk away. Resist the urge to justify the purchase, over explain the product or excessively thank the customer. Be grateful for the sale and go make another one. 

It’s not only great advice for making sales, but also for making decisions. 

Because for many people, deciding is not actually the hard part. Living with that decision is. 

How many times have you found yourself snared in an endless tangle of anxiety and regret, wondering about marginally better options, unable to give yourself permission to be satisfied with your decision? 

Too many. 

Each time, second guessing yourself into stagnation. 

It’s like my lawyer friend who refuses to make any decision until he has all the facts. It’s exhausting to be around. Especially if our friends are doing something simple like picking a restaurant for dinner. 

Christ on cracker, it’s just pizza, not supreme court case. 

Proving, that making the right choice doesn’t matter as much as making the commitment to choosing. 

Truth is, there is no right choice. It doesn’t exist. It’s a unicorn. Simply making a choice, any choice, even if it’s not perfect, and then following through with absolute commitment, that makes it the right choice. 

Besides, how bad can most pizza really be? 

Seinfeld was right when he said, pizza is like sex, even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. 

Remember, making decisions is hard, living with them is a harder. 

Once you’ve sold something, don’t buy it back. 

Just get money and walk away your. 


What decisions are you still not satisfied with?


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