Losing our ability to see our life as part of a story

How can we create abundance where there appears to be scarcity? 

By telling ourselves a story. By believing that story. And by rearranging the arc of that story so we are nearly always safely on the best possible side. 

Here are a few from my greatest hits catalogue. 

Temporal abundance is the story that we are the source of time, that we can make as much of it as we want to, and that we have exactly the right amount of time to enjoy everything we want to do. 

Creative abundance is the story that we are plugged in to an imaginative energy that is present in all things, that every season in our lives contains generative potential, and that whatever we entrust into it will multiply exponentially. 

Monetary abundance is the story that we are the arbiter of our own prosperity, that nobody is standing in the way of our ability to create value, and that money is flowing into our lives from all directions. 

Talent abundance is the story that we have sufficient resources to achieve our hopes and dreams, that they are readily available to us, and that they will equip us to live the life we want to live. 

Social abundance is the story that we belong everywhere, that our relationships are the chief transforming aspects of our lives, and that we are richly supported by a diverse community of beautiful people who want nothing more than to be there for us in our time of need. 

When we tell ourselves these kinds of stories, over and over again, we will leave insufficiency behind and move toward a world of prosperity. 


Are you choosing to become the source of abundance, or waiting for the events of life to inspire you to find it?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.  



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Author. Speaker. Strategist. Songwriter. Filmmaker. Inventor. Gameshow Host. World Record Holder. I also wear a nametag 24-7. Even to bed.
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