Give me everything but all the time in the world

We assume that having more time will set our creativity free. 

That once we are gifted with an infinite clock, then we will finally be able to tackle the project we have been putting off for so long. 

But what if our need for more time was just another convenient excuse we used to take ourselves off the hook from executing? 

Look around, nobody has enough time to do anything. 

It’s the collective complaint of our generation. 

And yet, that doesn’t stop people. Every beautiful thing that has ever been created in this world has been made by somebody who didn’t have time. 

Hell, if time were the only barrier to getting things done, then every painting on our wall, every book on our shelf and every program on our phone would not exist. 

Parkinson discovered this law in the fifties, teaching governments and organizations that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. Which means, the worst thing we could ever have is all the time in the world. 

What we actually need is less time. A constraint to set us free. 

Rodriguez was known in the indie film world as a rebel without a crew. The musician and filmmaker wrote in his book:

Low budget projects put a wall in front of you that only creativity can allow you to figure out how to get around it. The fewer resources you have, the more you are forced to be creative. 

Dozens of award winning, million dollar movies later, his theory holds true.

If you struggle moving from idea to execution, start by getting out of the victim position in regards to time. Give yourself an impossibly short deadline instead. 

Force your brain to invent new and interesting ways to focus your attention and create something pure without overthinking it. 


How could you constrain your timetable to make your dream more achievable? 

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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