The Land of Cheese and Beer

At least that’s what everyone tells me about Milwaukee. (This is my first time here.) I’m doing a few days of staff training with the Hyatt Regency this week.

A few observations…

*When I stepped off the plane (at 1:30 PM on a Wednesday) I noticed a group of firemen in the bar about 4 deep. I suspect it was Miller, as opposed to my hometown favorite, Bud.

*Saw an old man in his late 60’s/early 70’s wearing a black shirt with white writing that read: THIS IS WHAT COOL LOOKS LIKE. I thought, Wow, this is my kind of guy!

*The food is GREAT here. Hyatt’s in-house restaurant, Knuckles, serves up one helluva Philly Cheese Steak. They also had a selection of about 30 different beers. Kinda made me wish I was a drinker. Oh well.

On a slightly related note, I came across a great article from Management Issues about Boss Approachability. Good timing, especially since today’s training session is with all of the managers of the property. Anyway, this survey from the UK canvassed the thoughts of 1,500 employees, 97% of whom thought “their manager could do a better job of communicating clearer and more direct,” and that “we all respond to managers who are approachable.”

Good stuff.

Alrighty, off to work. Cheers and cheese from Milwaukee!


What’s your favorite beer and/or cheese?

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