TV might be the devil, but at least my cable guy was cool

The cable guy came by yesterday. (Between 8 and 12, of course.) I almost didn’t order it. I hate TV. Rarely watch it. With the exception of The Simpsons and Bill Maher.

And I was hoping my representative from Charter would be like Jim Carrey in his most underrated movie, but to no avail. Just a normal dude.

He was hooking up my TV when he noticed a few of my books. He eventually asked, “Scott, are you famous?”

“Um, I don’t know about that…”

“Yeah – you do commercials, right?”

Hmm. Commercials. He must be confusing me with Jared Fogle from Subway.

“No, I wish! But I have done quite a few interviews about my books, though.”

“Yeah, I’ve definately seen you on TV before.”

“Really? Cool.”

We chatted for a few minutes after I explained the whole nametag thing. He asked if I just woke up every day and stuck a new one on my shirt. I said yes.

After he finished I signed the papers and gave him a few books.

“Thanks! I think approachability is really important for cable companies, especially because we go into so many peoples’ homes and need to make them feel comfortable.”

“Well Chris, you did a great job. A+ on approachability!”

Now…if I could only figure out how to get my TV to BLOCK American Idol….

Damn that show is tempting!

Must…not…watch Idol…work to do…can’t resist…Simon Cowell…


Who was the friendliest or most memorable cable guy you ever had?

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Scott Ginsberg
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