The Hyatt Milwaukee Rules!

As the adventures in The Land of Cheese and Beer come to a close, I wanted to share a few more highlights of the trip.

It all started at 4:30 AM yesterday morning. I scheduled a wake-up call so I could get an early start before the training sessions. As usual, I picked up the receiver and immediately hung it up. After all, it’s just a recording, right?

I dragged myself outta bed and got to work. By the time 7 AM rolled around, 20 third shift employees filled the room. About halfway through my session, Dennis from PBX raised his hand and said, “Hey Scott – you hung up on me at 4:30 AM today!”

Little did I know, Hyatt is known for its personal wake-up call service, during which the operator will not only wish you a friendly good morning, but also a weather report. (FYI: 37 degrees, 37 mph wind. Ouch.)

I responded with, “Sorry about that; but honestly, how approachable can anyone be at 4:30 AM!”

My bad Dennis.

Anyway, the rest of the sessions went great. A few highlights:

*Several of the Romanian employees talked about their culture’s view on approachability. “We are taught not to talk to strangers,” said one of the waiters. I thought this brought up an interesting point on how cultures differ on this subject.

*Many employees shared success stories when working with diffucult (or famous) guests.

*I passed out several “I HEART MY JOB” pins to a group of housekeepers. (I hope the union doesn’t mind!)

*We practiced “Discovering the CPI” by asking each other, “What’s your favorite cereal?”

*Kericka Green played “The Name Game” to re-introduce everybody.

All in all, it was a great trip. Special thanks to Phil Gerbyshak who gave me the Cream City tour. And super special thanks to the Hyatt Milwaukee – you guys rule!


When was the last time you wanted to punch someone in the face?

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